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Every thriving community has that one person that displays loads of positive energy, thinks bigger than the community itself, and truly cares about the people in it. Angie Batton is that person. She’s been hiding her superwoman cape under a...

Growing up a coffee drinker, I never understood what the big hoopla was about tea. I knew that it inspired some wild frat party we had with the Brits, and I’ve seen incredible photos of Asian women who are 90 but look 30, yet when morning t...

Oklahoma has a reputation for some lovely things: beautiful landscape, friendly people, clean air. Unfortunately, we’ve also got a bad rap with other stuff: Tornadoes, mosquitoes, and ragweed. It’s hay fever season people, and apparently yo...

1) No traffic. You'll always be there in 5 minutes. 

2) If your kid does something stupid, you’ll know about it very soon. 

3) Camo is acceptable at any occasion.

4) If someone steals something, you’ll see them with it later.


I just finished an honorable attempt to be sugar free for 90 days. The better part of myself made this goal - the part that wants to exercise at the crack of dawn and meditate three hours a day. The trouble is, it’s impossible to be the bet...

When we were kids, losing a tooth was new and exciting. We felt a sense of accomplishment, mommy and daddy were proud, and the Tooth Fairy left a couple of bucks under our pillow. What a great day!

But as an adult that's innocently playing f...

Happy football season! There’s a magical scent in the air of autumn, pumpkin spice, and Uncle Billy’s beer breath. The pretzels are flowing and there are eight choices of barbecued meats. It’s a special time.

While we LOVE our football in SE...

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