This blog is crafted to inspire healthy living - for mind and body - and to provoke thought around your daily choices. The information does not necessarily reflect the beliefs and practices of the medical providers at PFMC. 


Thanks for reading and enjoy!

#1: Rushing home to make it in time for Saved by the Bell

#2: Borrowing encyclopedias from your wealthy friend.

#3: Listening to songs you recorded from MTV videos, with the dog occasionally barking in the background.

#4: Dragging main. It h...

Many women have a lengthy morning ritual, where men are known for their fast “comb through the hair and go” routine. While that simplicity is the envy of ladies everywhere, men might want to consider adding one more activity to their mornin...

Long ago, food was considered medicine. Everything was organic - used to heal disease, honor gods, and nourish bodies. Technology came along and took us to exciting new levels. Everything got faster and easier, unfortunately, so did our foo...

Babies bring joy to even the grumpiest soul. And why wouldn't they? Babies are perfect little creatures sent down from heaven. In addition to being adorable, there are some scientifically fascinating things going on behind the scenes. Here...

You’re in a café waiting for the meal to come. The clock ticks, your stomach growls, it’s time to eat. Bored, you check your email - nothing. Thoughts creep in about the terrible morning you had. Then, all of a sudden your favorite song bei...

Did you know that when we crave water we’re already dehydrated? Drinking water has been ingrained in us since childhood, yet it's still a major issue. 

Now we’re grown-ups; mature, intelligent, big people walking around taking care...

Say that five times fast you’re a winner! We’re entering fall and in addition to having pumpkin spice goodies to look forward to, many delicious fruits and vegetables are in their prime. Here are five favorites to inspire a little variety f...

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