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Unless you’re into astrology or moon phases, most people don’t give this occurrence much thought. After all, a New Moon is not as impressive looking as a Full Moon, and that’s the only time werewolves come out anyway. But what’s a New Moon...

Napping isn’t just for children or your grandpa, a good nap can make you feel like a million bucks. On the flip side, it can also have reverse effects if not timed properly. Whether you’re a professional napper (not to be confused with a pr...

Swollen feet can be inconvenient and painful - they certainly won’t make those sandals look any cuter… When your foot resembles a balloon and you’re not sure why, it could surprisingly be dozens of things. An injury, pregnancy swelling, var...

Let's get to the good stuff. Where do you draw your energy - from people or alone time? That explains if you're an introvert or extrovert. K, byeee!

Kidding. It sounds simple. But what if certain people energize you and others exhaust y...

Ever wake up feeling just a little off? Maybe from a bad dream, a body cramp, or the aftermath of an icky encounter from the day before.

It’s not unusual to have this feeling, but it is concerning that many of us don’t questio...

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