Gameplan for Football Food

Happy football season! There’s a magical scent in the air of autumn, pumpkin spice, and Uncle Billy’s beer breath. The pretzels are flowing and there are eight choices of barbecued meats. It’s a special time.

While we LOVE our football in SE Oklahoma, it’s not a bad idea to pre-game your health mindset. From now until New Years, there are a lot of events in your future: football parties, basketball parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. There’s no need to fall off the health wagon because of a party or two. As soon as you do it’s easy to say, “I’ll start fresh in the New Year.” It’s September! There's a quarter of the year left. Here are some ideas to help you pace yourself and have a lot of fun during your football watch parties.

Place A Bet

Instead of placing a twenty-dollar bet with a friend, trade it out for twenty pushups. I did a push-up challenge recently, placing bets on each big play, and my friend and I had a ball and toned our arms at the same time! You can bet on each half, each play, or the entire game. It gets pretty exciting after you lose three times in a row and your arms feel like they’re gonna fall off. Now you’re REALLY invested in the outcome.

This or That?

Does everything HAVE to be fried? Instead of fried chicken, have grilled. Instead of white hamburger buns, try wheat. Popcorn and pretzels over potato chips. Throw some veggies on the grill, they’re delicious! Eating healthy doesn’t mean going hungry, it just means making different choices and often the healthy choices are just as yummy. Don’t be that guy or girl that sits on the couch with a growing gut, talking about the glory days. Take care of yourself now. At half time go outside and toss around a football. You do love the sport after all.

Raw Raw Raw!

Have a half-time competition. Be the most talked about party in the county and let your creative juices flow. Get a prize or trophy from Wal-Mart or the Dollar General and give it to the best halftime show performance. People can do their own thing or form a team. It sounds silly but it can really liven up the party. I guarantee, people might have to be talked into this at first, but the next party they’ll come in with a thought out performance instead of hiding behind the chips and salsa.

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