Why It Should Always Be Tea Time

Growing up a coffee drinker, I never understood what the big hoopla was about tea. I knew that it inspired some wild frat party we had with the Brits, and I’ve seen incredible photos of Asian women who are 90 but look 30, yet when morning time comes around I always reach for coffee.

Recently a new friend told me about some incredible results she had with her eyes. She had taken a new medication for diabetes and it quickly caused her to lose 80 percent of her eyesight. She stopped taking it and tried to flush out her system with water - no luck. After doing some research, she drank lavender and sage tea to discover almost immediate improvement. After getting approval from her doctor, she continued this regimen and the results were amazing. She reversed the eye damage and can now read this article, when just months ago she was preparing herself for blindness.

This inspired me to do a little digging and see what this tea thing is all about. I didn’t have to go far - there’s a ton of research, blogs, and articles out there. In the spirit of staying somewhat original – as original as a blog about tea can be, here are the things that made my ears stand up and have convinced me to dust off the ole teapot and get to sippin’.


The benefits of tea range from antibacterial properties to repairing over-exposure to the sun. An exciting addition is IT FIGHTS THE SIGNS OF AGING! And it’s doing such a good job, tea is now showing up in facemasks and creams so you can take advantage of this inside and out. The most impressive tea, besides green tea, was Rooibos. Made from a South African shrub, it’s said to slow down the appearance of fine lines, thanks to a magical enzyme called superoxide dismutase. Yes please!


I was under the impression that coffee and green teas were neck and neck in the caffeine division - I was way off. Black tea is twice as strong as green tea (on average) with mate tea just behind coffee. Mate is a traditional South African drink popular in Argentina. Its dried leaves are placed into a small bowl (to the right) with hot water and sipped through a straw for the strongest caffeine and flavor.

I lit up when I went to Wikipedia and found the photo to the right. About a decade ago I was living in Italy and my Argentinean roommate gave me a calabash gourd for my birthday. Because of our language barrier (and my naïveté) I thought it was for "something illegal" and immediately hid it in my drawer! No wonder she thought I was a weirdo. I could have taken advantage of this amazing tea had I spoken better Italian!


If you’re looking to do a cleanse there’s no reason to buy some fancy recipe unless your doctor recommends it. Go to the tea aisle. Whatever you’re looking for, they’ve got it. Here are my top three:

1) Ginger stimulates digestion, increases circulation and sweats out toxins. Also great for the colon and liver.

2) Cilantro helps cleanse out your system and removes heavy metals.

3) Burdock purifies your blood and posses a strong diuretic to help the body purge toxins through urination.


Another impressive option is Cayenne Pepper. This tea will do more than clear your sinuses. It gives an energy boost in the morning, helps the heart, and many says fights cancer. The degree of heat is listed by “hu" (heat units) so start somewhere low if you don’t have a high tolerance and work your way up.

If you’ve been curious about tea, hopefully this inspires you to give it a whirl. And again, let us know what you think in the comments section!

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