How Water Can Save You and Your Bank Account

Did you know that when we crave water we’re already dehydrated? Drinking water has been ingrained in us since childhood, yet it's still a major issue.

Now we’re grown-ups; mature, intelligent, big people walking around taking care of things like taxes, health insurance, and mortgages – yet many of us continue to ignore one of the most fundamental health lessons to date: stay hydrated. We’ve grown numb to the cheesy photos and graphics telling us to “drink 8 glasses a day.” Yeah, yeah, yeah… We know it’s good for us, back to our routine.

The more I read up on water, the more I realized what an incredible impact it has on our minds, bodies, and personalities. Most of us never look to water as a solution. Our society focuses on the bandaid - the quick fix, it’s part of our culture. Sleep deprived? Take a pill. Sad? Take a pill. Completely happy and fulfilled in every way? Take pills!

A glass of water sounds too easy and quite frankly, a little insulting to our very mature issues. Our problems are grown-up problems and a trivial glass of water isn’t going to make a difference. Or is it? Here’s the adult version of why you should fill your water quota each day – and how it can help you save a significant amount of dough.


This one hit home. As someone who’s done a tone of personal research on fatigue, I stopped in my tracks when I saw this come up over and over again. Doctors insist that fatigue/tiredness is a common side effect of dehydration. In fact, a survey of 300 General Practitioners found that one in five patients that go to the doctor for issues with tiredness and fatigue are just dehydrated.

Venti Coffee at Starbucks $2.45. 5 times a week = $49 a month

Redbull $3.50. 5 times a week = $70 a month


85% of the brain is tissue water. 85%!

Look, drinking water won't solve all the mental issues of this world, but pay attention. If you have drops in your mood and overall wellbeing, take note of your water intake. Don’t be so quick to medicate before considering this major fundamental solution.

Generic Prozac (without insurance) = $117 a month


This is one of the most common side effects but did you ever stop and ask why? When we're dehydrated, the brain tissue loses water, causing our brain to shrink and pull away from the skull. I repeat: OUR BRAIN LITERALLY PULLS AWAY FROM THE SKULL! That innocent little pain in our head is an actual physical shift in the brain. So next time you wake up after a long sleep, dehydrated but loving it because you look heroine chic, remember that your brain looks the same, and not even Kate Moss can pull that off.

Dehydration also lowers the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. No wonder those cheesy middle school ads were such boring eye rollers - they didn’t want to scare the children. “Drink 8 glasses of water a day” sounded a lot better than “Water your brain or you’ll start losing oxygen and die soon!” Much different graphics on that cafeteria poster…

Tylenol: $3.99

Brain Damage Repair: Priceless


Do we really need to go here?

Laxative: $4.99

Colonic: $80

Extra Weight

When we crave sugar it might be from dehydration. Same thing goes for hunger. If you get hungry after a substantial meal, drink a large glass of water and wait 10 minutes. It just might do the trick.

Weight Watchers Membership = $39.95 a month


Water helps flush out the toxins in our body, keeping skin clear. If you’re not drinking enough water, not only will skin be dry and dull, the toxins will try to escape through your pores, causing breakouts.

Retin-A = $125 (3 months) $500 a year.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Oftentimes fine lines are just a byproduct of dehydration. Instead of purchasing an over priced eye cream, drink more water!

Overpriced eye cream = $85+

Weird Fact: Try drinking water that's cool or at room temperature. Ice cold water constricts the arteries around the stomach and delays water absorption. Then it will sit in your stomach until it warms up. That swishing noise you hear in your stomach? It’s unabsorbed water waiting to warm up so it can be utilized.

Do I need as much water in the winter?

It feels like we don’t need as much water during the cold season because we’re not sweating as much. WRONG! During the winter, water vapor escapes from our bodies through our breath. That’s the steam you always see coming out of your mouth in cold weather.

If this doesn’t convince you to down a glass of H2O, you might be suffering from dehydration of the brain. Seriously, control the things you can control. This is one of those things.

Let us know how dehydration has affected you, or if you have any tricks for drinking more water in the comments below!

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