Babies Are Weirdos - 5 Crazy Facts

Babies bring joy to even the grumpiest soul. And why wouldn't they? Babies are perfect little creatures sent down from heaven. In addition to being adorable, there are some scientifically fascinating things going on behind the scenes. Here are five odd facts that will have you looking at these gorgeous bundles of joy like the medical marvels they are.

1) Babies Don’t Have Knee Caps?

Ok, technically they do, but a newborn’s kneecap consists of almost all cartilage. It isn’t until children are about three years old that they start to develop hard bone. See for yourself. Take a good look at the next baby you interact with and it becomes pretty obvious.

2) Babies Eye Color Changes

This is true for most Caucasian babies. African American, Asian, and Hispanic babies that are born with dark eyes almost always stay dark.

Caucasian babies born with lighter eyes often darken until the age of three, sometimes older. The more melanin your baby has, the darker the eyes will be. Melanin is the dark pigment in our hair and skin responsible for it darkening.

3) Babies Should Be Ventriloquists

Babies can actually swallow and breathe simultaneously. It sounds simple until you try it yourself and fail miserably.

"At birth, the epiglottis and soft palate touch during quiet respiration with the mouth closed. During breastfeeding, the larynx elevates which allows the epiglottis to interlock with the soft palate. This allows the newborn to breathe and swallow at the same time – something the adult human cannot do.” Fun Trivia (

4) Babies Menstruate

No wonder they’re so cranky! Seriously, a child in the womb is exposed to their mother’s high estrogen levels. At birth, they’re “disconnected” from the mother and lose those hormones, shedding them like a period.

5) Babies Have a Mustache

The first thing I pictured was Borat as a baby. Then I read the scientific explination at KickAss Facts.

“Every unborn baby grows a very fine moustache in the womb, which then spreads to cover the entire body. The baby then eats this fine hair, called lanugo, and excretes it after birth with their first bowel movement, which is a substance called meconium.”

And you were worried their applesauce wasn’t organic…

What other facts surprised you about babies? Let us know in the comment section!

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