What is Movember, Exactly?

It’s that time of year when so many mustaches come out to play, it feels like a Burt

Reynolds convention. But what’s all the hype about? Most of us know it has something to do with men’s health, but what is it specifically and how can we help? Here are some Q&A’s to get you in the know so you can stop asking questions and start taking action.

How did Movember start and what the heck is it?

Movember started when a couple of Australian dudes in a bar wanted to bring the “stash” back. One of their mother’s was raising money for breast cancer awareness, so they followed suit and dedicated it to men’s cancer awareness. Cut to today, this multi-million dollar organization is truly saving lives. They started off focusing on prostate and testicular cancer, then learned how many young men die due to poor mental and physical health. They’re now raising money for all of the above. “In 13 years we’ve funded more than 1,200 men’s health projects around the world.”

- The Movember Foundation

And people say nothing good comes from hanging out in bars…

Is Movember a holiday?

No. It’s an entire month chosen by many to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues.

What are the mustache rules?

The rule is to start November off with a clean-shaven face and let the mustache grow the entire month. The stash can be trimmed and shaped, but beards and goatees don't count. Here’s a PDF of the rules downloaded from the official Movember Foundation website. RULES HERE

Can women help too?

Absolutely. Mustaches are conversation pieces for Movember awareness, but there are tons of activities you can participate in or CREATE. Make it a workplace effort. Encourage the men in your life to step up. Support the physical health element and raise money by setting workout goals or donate online. The options are endless and the more fun you have with it, the better.

Where does the money that’s raised go?

Excellent question. The Movember Foundation has a pretty transparent website that breaks everything down. https://us.movember.com/about/money

Movember gives a fresh, youthful twist on an old issue and is a welcoming place for all genders, ages, and walks of life. When a cool, hip dude sports an awesome stash and you learn he’s doing it for a good cause, one can’t help but want to be a part of that. For more information on all things Movember, go to: https://us.movember.com

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