Asking Santa For Self-Control?

Asking Santa for self-control this Christmas might not be the answer (he's counting Weight Watcher points himself). This season provides an overwhelming amount of joy, gratitude, and emotion - no wonder there's an endless supply of comfort food!

The holiday season can be an extremely difficult time for people struggling with their weight. It’s cold, it’s sentimental, and there’s no sunshine vitamin to get you to the gym. From Thanksgiving through New Years we’re surrounded by rich foods that threaten our waistline. Afraid you’ll eat your family out of gingerbread house and home? Here are some simple tools to help you make this year different.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

If you're consuming more calories, take solace that you’re also burning more during the winter months. Our metabolism works harder when we’re cold and shivering, putting our body in calorie-burning mode. So instead of beating yourself up, let this be motivation to go headfirst toward your dietary goals.

Can't tolerate the cold for your daily walk? Dread wading through the sleet to get to the gym? Workout at home! Workout DVDs are a fun and simple way to do a full-body workout in the comfort of your own cozy home.

Buddy Up

I can almost hear the eye roll. This may sound elementary, but if you’re struggling at holiday functions take action by finding an accountability buddy. There are so many people with issues around holiday eating, it shouldn’t be hard to find a partner in crime. When taken seriously, this system works wonders for two reasons:

1) Accountability

2) Finding the Tony within

When we get out of our head and focus outward, it quickly pulls us out of Funky Town. It’s rewarding and motivating to cheer on a friend - sharing in each other’s victories and picking each other up after a bad day.

Having someone’s back motivates us to have our own. The self-beat up we put ourselves through is never something we would dump on a friend. So when we’re kind and gentle to them, we’re subconsciously learning how to be that way with ourselves. We’ve all experienced those moments when we give someone genius advice and motivation, only to realize later that it was just as much for us as it was them. It's the Tony Robbins within. If he won’t come out for us, he’ll certainly come out for our buddy.

The Cookie is My Mother

This is an important time to be conscious of why you’re eating certain foods. Ask yourself, “Am I hungry? Or just lonely, sad, bored, angry, or having a massive sugar craving?”

Intuitive Eating is a fantastic book that dives into the psychology of food. It explores the why’s of the subconscious and gives practical action steps to make real changes.

Another great nugget is My Thought Coach. This site offers free podcasts for controlling holiday eating, in addition to many others. For those moments you're searching for a lifeline, all you need is a phone.

Keep exploring. Every person is different and you never know what will resonate until you try it. Let us know about your experiences in the comments below!

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