Why Dry Brush?

Dry brushing is an ancient technique gaining newfound popularity. It’s rumored to combat toxins, cellulite, dry skin, stretch marks, acne – stuff our ancestors have battled since the beginning of time.

But there's more to this than a popular Pinterest post. Many health professionals stand by the brush, claiming it improves everything from cellulite to lymphatic flow. This is exciting for two reasons:

1) Anytime a group of smart people agree on something, it's worth a listen.

2) No one profits. There's no drug company or specific product for sale.

Read on and decide if dry brushing is for you.

What is Dry Brushing?

Quite literally, brushing of the skin. Dry brushing is used to exfoliate the skin, stimulate cells, firm muscles, clear acne, decrease the appearance of cellulite/stretch marks, and release toxins by increasing the flow of the lymphatic system. Slow clap.

How much is it?

Aside from the cost of a brush - ranging from $7 to $25 plus - it's completely free. If you're feeling fancy, spa treatments range from $25- $60 for a ½ hour treatment. It’s basically a massage with a brush.

What Kind of Brush Should I Buy?

You want a brush with natural fibers. Bristles should be firm but soft, so they don't harm the skin. Try one with a long handle so you don’t neglect your back. Unless you’re a contortionist, then by all means buy a small.

Any Negatives to Dry Brushing?

Not really. If you use the wrong brush, there’s risk of causing micro cuts that could lead to infection. Once again, you want a natural brush that’s firm with soft bristles. Other than that, it’s been deemed completely safe.

How to Dry Brush


You can dry brush daily, although many claim that once or twice a week is enough to do the trick.

On the stomach and back; brush in clockwise, circular motions - this moves the toxins in the right direction through the intestines toward to colon.

Use long strokes on the arms and legs toward the heart - where the lymphatic system flows.

Shower when you’re done to remove impurities.


Don’t brush the face, neck, chest, or genital area.

The experience should never be uncomfortable or painful.

People with eczema or dry skin should stray away. If your skin is sensitive, try a patch test first.

The Take Away

Dry brushing offers no risk with potentially huge benefits, inside and out. There’s no reason not to play. Give it a try and let us know about your experience in the comments below!

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