Why You Should Talk to Yourself

Ever wake up feeling just a little off? Maybe from a bad dream, a body cramp, or the aftermath of an icky encounter from the day before.

It’s not unusual to have this feeling, but it is concerning that many of us don’t question it. We go about our day with a tightening in the chest, clenched jaw, or an upset stomach and do absolutely nothing. Why? If you had a broken bone wouldn’t you care for it immediately? Our state of being deserves the same attention.

Discover where those emotions come from by talking it out with yourself. Am I telling you to sound like a crazy person? Yes. Yes I am. Journaling is just as powerful, but "ain't nobody got time for that" when you're going about your day.

Why Talk?

When we think about one thing, a million other thoughts inevitably flood in, drowning out our focus. Going verbal - as silly as it may sound and feel - focuses thought. That’s basically what therapy does. It asks those questions we don’t bother to ask ourselves. This is not a tool to replace therapy, but it can help awaken awareness around what’s really going on. Only when we identify the issue can we find a solution.

Then What?

We must make our wellbeing number one on our list of priorities. Not our top five or ten, but numero uno. People tend to feel guilty for taking time out of their day for something as “petty” as self care. They’re abandoning whoever or whatever depends on them at the moment. But if you step back and look at the big picture, it’s blatantly obvious that taking care of ourselves will only make us better employees, fathers, students, wives - humans.

When you discover those feelings of stress, overwhelm, fear (anything negative) - deal with them NOW. Stop what you’re doing as soon as possible to get in a better state of mind. Whatever works for you - music, positive quotes, monkeys dressed as people videos. I guarantee if a co-worker or spouse came to you and said, “hey, can I have five minutes?” You’d probably stop what you're doing and give them your full attention. So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop and ask yourself, “hey, can I have five minutes?” And you know what the answer should be.

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