Is Success Making Us Sick?

Any logical person reading this would ask, “But what’s the definition of success?” I’m glad you asked, Logical Person. As we all know, everyone has his or her own definition. Some work to drive a Bentley; some work to avoid work; some search for the meaning of life. This discussion is about society's standards.

How do we know what that really is?

Easy. If aliens could pick up basic cable on their weird, alien TVs, a few things would become very clear to them about our society:

1. Everyone looks like models.

2. Beautiful objects are gods.

3. We need Axe Body Spray to reproduce.

There’s more to it, but you get the idea.

Donald Trump, despite how you feel about him, is one of the most successful men in the free world. He runs multi-million dollar corporations, now the country, and claims to get only four hours of sleep. Because this isn’t normal it makes him seem superhuman and can in turn, cause the rest of us to feel inferior. We should work harder!


Accoring to the U.S. Stress statistics by Statistic Brain (study here


77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms of stress. 77 PERCENT!

76% of those people said money and work is the leading cause of their stress.

The Rat Race

If you’re reading this on your phone or computer, it’s safe to assume you have everything you need - but we still want more. This cycle only lets us win for a moment. We get that rush of the purchase or applause from the crowd, then go back to our full homes and feel empty. How is that possible? Because we're filling our closets and houses instead of our spirits. And doing it so fast we can't remember what we ate for breakfast.

The exhausted, overworked, and unsatisfied must ask themselves this: Where is this lifestyle getting me and at what cost? This does not mean we can’t be wealthy and healthy. Many people are truly living the life of their dreams with houses on every continent. But there’s an energy our society has overall - powered by Starbucks, commercials, and 'For Sale' signs that keep us floating from one distraction to the other. We’re so concerned with what others think, yet terrified they won’t think of us at all. These fears are completely contradictory. We can’t win with this mindset. Could less really be more?

A Shift

Stress can manifest into several different ailments - physical and mental - so we must create a shift to remove ourselves from the noise. Instead of looking to our left and to our right for all the answers, we have to check in with ourselves and remove the judgement and comparison. Because we’ll never win, so living life on our own terms seems to be a much better definition of the word success.

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