Is Deodorant Causing Your Breakouts?

I’m always hesitant to make bold declarations like this. My education is NOT health related and the more research I do, the more complex our bodies become; which seems to bring about more questions than answers. Although this time it’s different. This time it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth and if I’m an expert in anything, it’s what's going on with my face.

The Event

A close friend got married last year and did what all soon-to-be-brides do: get in the best shape of their lives. Unlike those Bridezillas on WE tv, my friend was balanced. She upped her exercise game and got inspired to make overall lifestyle changes. She kicked sugar, dairy, and alcohol to the curb and swapped her beauty products out with more natural, eco-friendly ones.

She found the man of her dreams and felt better than ever but her face refused to behave! Adult acne is no joke. She tried topical creams, controversial medication, over-the-counter stuff and her skin would clear up, then break out again. She was so embarrassed by her pimples that she started to sleep in full coverage makeup with her new fiancé. She told me, “My face hurts.” Her breakouts were large, inflamed, and distracted from her beautiful face.

Months after she moved away we were having one of our chats about bridesmaid’s dresses and I started to vent about my acne. She blurted out, “Oh! I didn’t tell you? I thought I told you!”

She went on to explain that her skin was clearer than ever (just in time for the wedding!) and she didn’t know why at first. Rightfully so, she had given up several things with her new lifestyle. But the last thing she changed – face still broken out - was her antiperspirant. Her skin cleared up and when she tried the old one again, her face rebelled. Suddenly the answer became clear (pun intended).

My Trial

Filled with hope, I checked my deodorant and did a little research - was using Dove - and BOOM! There was aluminum, right in the ingredients (more on this in a sec). I was heading home for Christmas so I decided to leave it behind. Now it was wintertime and my parents live on a farm-like property, so I could afford to do this little trial without offending anyone – well, most anyone. Within days my skin started to clear. Best Christmas present ever!

It only makes sense that when we plug up our pores - where sweat is designed to escape – it looks for another outlet. Our bodies are designed to release toxins so of course it could come out on our face! Since then I've had a few small breakouts here and there but nothing like my pre-natural deodorant stage - which I now refer to as B.D. and A.D.

Acne Aside, How 'bout My Health?

MANY commercial antiperspirants/deodorants contain toxic chemicals (like aluminum) that have been linked to all kinds of scary stuff, particularly cancer. It makes having a strong deodorant seem trivial compared to the potential risks involved. Here's a super informative article that goes into more detail by

Will I Smell?

Short answer: if you're not careful. A lot of natural deodorants mean well but they simply don't work. In my experience, Tom's brand is the absolute worst with covering up the scent. JASON is a little better, but nothing to write home about. The big winners are Ozone Layer, Zero, and PiperWai. You have to order them online, but aren't we ordering everything online already? (links at bottom of article)

In Closing

As someone who understands acne frustration, I would be remiss if this discovery wasn’t thrown into the internet’s hat. My hope is that someone out there will have an "ah-ha" moment, toss out their harmful deodorant, get clear skin and a healthier body. Regardless of your skin’s condition, find a natural deodorant that works. The potential health risks simply aren't worth keeping the toxic ones.

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