Will Fried Food Make Me Fat?

Confession: I will continuously search for facts to back up what I really want to do.

Example: LOVE ice cream. There’s no doubt why but I’d be lying to myself If I believed eating it twice a day was a good thing. However I will search high and low for the ONE article out there that says we can eat whatever we want and ignore the facts. That doesn't change what I know in my heart: I am a total sugar addict. My energy levels will spike, then quickly crash when I eat a whole pint of ice cream and this habit contributes to my insomnia because I love having it before bed and, well… you do the math.

All of this to say - I get it. I am not a doctor. I am not a chef. Heck, my eggs are always stuck to the pan, so if you won’t listen to the experts maybe you’ll take it from someone who really wants the answer to this question to be NO.


Fried foods won’t only put fat on your body, they can kill you (annnnddddd we just lost some readers). After digging through the most credible sources, here are some

Undeniable Facts

  • First of all, frying drains the food of its nutrients. If you’re not eating for nutritional value, how else will your body function properly? Answer: It won’t. Since you’re not getting the nutrients you need, you’re going to feel stuffed and gross, then hungry all over again.

  • Saturated fats confuse the hypothalamus, that part of your brain that decides when you've had enough to eat. The hypothalamus is also connected to your sleep and emotional activity.

  • There’s a little thing called trans fat that you should avoid more than a chatty neighbor. Some trans fat occurs naturally, but most is added to your food in the form of cheap, partially hydrogenated oil. Why? It lasts longer on the shelf (and in your body). Many restaurants are rumored to use this oil for their fried foods because it doesn’t need to be changed as often. So that hair in your food? It’s the least of your worries.

  • Since saturated fat affect the heart, it’s no surprise that fried foods are linked to decreased brain and memory function. Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD. - A lady with enough letters after her name to get my attention - had this to say: “It’s been long established that saturated fats can negatively impact the heart, but there’s also research that suggests high saturated fat intake may negatively impact brain function and memory.” (Source: http://www.eatthis.com/what-happens-to-your-body-when-you-eat-fast-food)

  • When you remove food from the frier, you’re not leaving all that oil behind. The bubbles you see when a food is being fried is actually oxygen leaving your dinner. Guess what it’s replaced with?

  • Fried foods raise the risk of heart disease by clogging up arteries with the bad cholesterol (LDL).

  • Surprise Surprise, these fats are linked to depression.

The good news here - and there is good news - is you have options with the foods you love to fry. Get them grilled, baked, boiled or raw and avoid some scary and seemingly inevitable consequences if you continue to eat them fried. In turn, I'll steer clear of fried ice cream.

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