Meet Bernard's HEART

Appearing in over 1,000 love songs, the face of Valentine’s Day, the Tom Cruise of body parts, let’s give a warm welcome to the Heart! (APPLAUSE)

Our heart isn’t just hype, it has gained rockstar status for good reason. By the time you finish reading this it will have pumped out around 15 quarts of blood through tiny blood vessels that average 60,000 MILES. Are you reading that right? Yes. Yes you are.

Heart health is crucial for a long, quality life. Bernard (what a trooper!) has let us take a look at his to gain a better understanding of how this all works. Here are some facts and tips on what you can do to treat your heart as well as it treats you.

How It Works

Our heart is an impressive pump that takes oxygen from the lungs and distributes it into our blood. The freshly oxygenated blood delivers oxygen to our cells as it circulates through the body. Deoxygenated blood travels back to the heart for a fresh dose of oxygen and the cycle repeats. Why is this important? Because our cells are just like us, they need oxygen for energy.

The heart has four valves - mitral and tricuspid, aortic and pulmonary. These valves miraculously open and close about once per heartbeat to regulate blood flow - hence that thumping sound your heart makes.

Heart Facts

  • The heart is about the size of your fist and grows with age.

  • The heart beats a whopping 100,000 times per day.

  • Oxygenated blood that leaves the heart is red. Deoxygenated blood that returns to the heart is known as "blue blood" because of its darker color.

  • When the body is at rest, it takes about 16 seconds for blood to circulate throughout the entire body.

  • When comparing male and female hearts: female hearts not only beat faster, they're smaller, have more sensitive veins, are less durable in a heart attack, has more palpitations, and is more sensitive to side effects. So what’s good about it? A woman’s veins are surprisingly more resilient against heart disease.

Heart Tips

  • Our heart is a muscle so it actually becomes stronger when you work out . Cardio is a great way to speed up your heart. Those who exercise actually have a slower resting heart rate because it’s strong and doesn’t require as much work.

  • Maintain a low stress lifestyle. High-blood pressure weakens the veins, causing them to clot, rupture or leak. Breaks are not only mentally healthy, they’re physically crucial.

  • Your body is like an expensive, limited edition (only edition!) car. Make sure you’re not using cheap fuel to give it energy. Eliminate processed foods high in saturated fat and replace them with clean fruits and vegetables.

  • If there was ever a reason to quit smoking, your heart is it.

  • If you have a normal blood pressure, limit alcohol consumption. Drinking temporarily raises blood pressure but will have long term effects if it gets excessive. If you have high blood pressure, stop drinking now.

Up for more Bernard's Body Series? Learn about his Brain, Liver, Lungs, and Stomach next!



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