10 Holiday Gifts Active People Actually Want

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to help your loves ones feel like the snowflakes they are. And what better way to do that than by giving them a gift you know they'll LOVE?

For your active, health-conscious tribe, here are some thoughtful gifts that will get them even more pumped about staying healthy in 2018!

*These companies are not paying for a shoutout and I’m not receiving any affiliate benefits. They're just great gift recommendations - no ulterior motives!

1. Fitbit

The Fitbit has proven itself to be here for the long run (or walk). Originally released in 2013, this device is reliable, always improving, and I can say from experience their customer service is second to none. A Fitbit will light up anyone’s face Christmas morning.

2. WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards

These cards will pump up your friend's muscles and their fun! It’s easy to get stuck in the same old exercise routine, so WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards are here to shake things up - solo or with a buddy. This brand offers cards for men and women with various types of workouts to choose from.

3. FlipBelt

The fanny pack you actually want… This handy-dandy FlipBelt is made of material so comfortable and lightweight for your run, you’ll forget it’s even on - until you need your keys and credit card, that is. It’s also great for travel when you want your money and documentation close by.

4. JackedPack - Monthly Box Service

Targeted toward men, JackedPack makes Christmas feel like it's year-round! Each month the recipient will find an exciting new box delivered right to his door with new surprises like: protein powder, supplements, and workout-enhancers to help him on his fitness journey. Packages range from three months to one year.

5. Soothing Candles

Because relaxing is vital for good health, calming candles are the perfect gift for anyone. Truly's Natural Products carries premier candles that only carry the good stuff. Made with coconut wax and essential oils, these candles have zero artificial fragrances. And because of its natural coconut wax, a heavenly scent is released 24-7, even when the wick isn’t burning.

6. Filtered Water Bottle

Every active person has a go-to water bottle and you can quickly make your gift a Christmas fav by giving them one with its own filter. This kills two birds with one stone, keeping your loved one in the zone and away from worry when they're on the go and don’t have access to a home filter. Great for workouts or travel. Here's a solid list of recommendations by Mashable.

7. Wireless Headphones

Music is a gym-junkie’s BFF, so they're always looking for a way to keep the tunes flowing. Since the best headphones are the ones you forget you're wearing, wireless has taken over. Beats by Dre - Powerbeats3 are a favorite, but there are plenty of economical options from Skullcandy and Walmart is having a great sale on these! An added bonus? You'll come to mind every time they jam out.

8. Athletic Socks

The days of your grandmother disappointing you with boring ole socks are over. Runners LOVE their athletic socks and you'll be one step ahead by gifting them these

Thorlos Experia Micro Mini-Crew. They're thicker than normal and provide great protection for long runs. For a lower-cost version, Danskin Ultralite NoShow still delivers and can be found here at Walmart.com

9. Fitness Membership/Classes

For the right person, a membership or package of workout classes make a spectacular gift. Memberships are often something folks want but won’t invest in for themselves. Be delicate though, a gym/health membership of any kind is a personal gift and should only be given to your closest friends/family who have expressed genuine interest.

10. Fruit Basket

Order online or make your own! The Dollar General, The Dollar Tree and Walmart have inexpensive baskets perfect for presentation. Throw some clear gift wrap in the bottom and fill that puppy up with fresh fruit and (optional) nuts. Your loved ones will be grateful there’s one less temptation lying around and they’ll be excited for a healthy snack! If you prefer to order, Harry&David make gorgeous baskets for various budgets or call your nearest gift shop.

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