National Public Health Week!

Did you know: around 2.5 billion work days are lost due to illness every year, with an estimated fall in productivity of $1 trillion? ( That’s a lot of chicken dinners at K-Country 2. Health is interconnected and by improving yours, you help improve the health of your neighbor and an entire nation.

It's National Public Health Week

This week is all about awareness and education. It raises awareness about health issues and educates folks on how to prevent or take action against the onset of illness. It started in 1995 and has continued to grow over the decades. This week is backed by the APHA (American Public Health Association) in an effort to bring in the support of other organizations to spread this cause to the masses.

Some years a clearly defined theme is set from the APHA, like 2011’s “Safety is No Accident,” a focus on injury prevention. Other years might focus on overall health and wellbeing. In this case it’s up to each community and organization to assess what they feel is strongly needed in their area and focus their energy there.

When is it?

National Public Health Week for 2018 is Monday, April 2nd - Sunday, April 8th.

How Can I Help?

Thanks for asking. There are a lot of ways you can jump in, big or small. If you’re a part of an organization that might be a good fit for this this cause, you can register to host an event at If approved, it will be displayed on the NPHW website so when people search for an event in that area, yours pops right up.

In addition to organizational support, people can also apply to become partners and hold their own awareness events. You can also attend an event in your area - like this one in Oklahoma City

If you’re on social media, jump on Twitter and Facebook and ask your friends to join the movement. For more detailed information, go straight to the source at:


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